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Important Key Terms to Help you Understand your Health Plan


Payments that are made each month to your carrier for your coverage.


A tax credit that comes in the form of financial assistance to help make your health care affordable.  You may qualify for all or a portion of this premium tax credit based on your income.


The amount you pay out of pocket before your insurance plan starts to pay for healthcare services. Some health plans waive the deductible for certain services.


When enrolling or purchasing a health plan, an insurance company will pay for preventive services, as well as part of your medical bills if you get sick, hurt, or need a checkup


A percentage you pay for sharing the cost of covered health care services, typically after your deductible is met.


A fixed amount you pay to cover the cost of covered health care services (typically after you’ve paid your deductible).

In Network

When an insurance company has an agreement with a network of healthcare providers to offer services at a lower rate.

Out of Network

Receiving care from providers that are outside of your health plan network. These services are subject to deductibles and a higher out of pocket cost.

Out-of-Pocket Max

A safety net, limiting the total amount you will pay towards covered health care services in one calendar year.

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